Baleares Travel Bloggers | Should we work together?
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Should we work together?

We want to be a platform of diffusion and influence at the service of advertisers, companies and institutions that share our vision, professionalism and commitment.

  • Promotion of products, services and destinations

    If you are interested in promoting your business or tourist destination, we can work with you to find bloggers interested in collaborating with you for high quality exposure to their audience.

  • Generating content

    #BalearesTB and its members generate original, independent and high quality content based on our own experiences, with the aim of improving online reputation and generating traffic.

  • Organizing Blog Trips

    We can promote tourist destinations through organized trips, where members document and share their personal experience to their audiences through their own high quality content, created before, during and after each trip.

  • Broadcast in Social Networks

    With some creativity and good communication strategies, social networks represent a great opportunity to promote your project to a wide and relevant audience.

  • Sponsorship and collaboration

    We are looking to work on projects beneficial to both our members and likeminded organizations and businesses in the travel sector. Working together with the greater travel community will make us greater than the sum of our parts.

  • Solidarity and awareness actions

    Help and support to the causes of non-profit organizations.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through and we will be happy to help you.