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the association


Baleares Travel Bloggers (#BalearesTB) is an association formed by travel bloggers residing or born in the Balearic Islands, motivated by creating a meeting point to share ideas, experiences and knowledge, with the objective of supporting and enhancing our presence as influencers within the tourism sector.


#BalearesTB provides bloggers with a series of services developed to help them professionally represent and promote themselves as influencers interested in sharing their experiences in the world of travel, and works with industry to increase our collective positioning in the tourism sector. To achieve these goals, we developed the following activities:

– Organize technical and training workshops for members, such as SEO, photography, WordPress, writing, online community management, etc.

– Organize activities for members like traveling chats, excursions, photowalks, etc.

– Serve as intermediaries between tourist offices, communication agencies and other entities interested in collaberating with the association or its members, and always with the intention of best serving our bloggers.

– Form a united community of bloggers from the Balearic Islands.

– Organize blog trips.

– Collaborate with travel blogger associations across Spain (BcnTB, MadridTB, GaliciaTB, AndalucíaTB, CyLTB and those that may arise) and around the world, with the aim of working directly together to further unify and promote the voice of all travel bloggers, at home and abroad.

– Actions to support NGO’s projects, either in an economic or collaborative manner.

Periodic meetings and social gatherings.


The association was founded in February 2017 by 3 bloggers that share a passion for traveling, discovering and getting to know every corner of the Balearic Islands, Spain and beyond. Currently the Board of Directors is formed by the founding partners of #BalearesTB:

Under construction.

We are open to any proposal from companies, tourist destinations or public institutions  that want to be part of this project. You can contact us through our e-mail